November 2015 Beeline

At PUB’s  October 7th, we ate cake to thank Dewey Caron for all of his contributions this year, he will be overwintering in Bolivia. Glen Andresen gave his monthly pollen & nectar report, which he had to adjust this year to accommodate the long bloom season. Dewey warns that with a long bloom season comes late brood rearing, leading to an increase in varroa mites.

We had the return of the PUB Spotlight, where we invite members to share their beekeeping experience. We heard from Carolyn, a first year beekeeper who’s learning quickly and now spends her free time watching the bees come and go. Additionally, Luca, a fifteen year old beekeeper, joined us along with his family. At age nine, Luca was living in France and followed a curiosity in beekeeping to a town in southern France, Cevennes. There, he was introduced to traditional beekeeping, using hollowed-out chestnut trees. Luca developed a passion for beekeeping and now has four thriving hives, one which he’s given to his younger brother.

As our duties in the hive wind down for the year, we’re getting excited for some events coming up this winter:

Our November 4th meeting will come with a location change to Tabor Space where we’ll be hosting a Show & Tell. Members and guests are encouraged to show off their products and share recipes. We will invite local companies to share what they are doing, and people can bring items to sell.

In December, we will change both location and meeting date. We will be meeting on Tuesday, December 1st at Tabor Space for PUB’s Photo and Art contest. We’ll be having a potluck and honey tasting to compliment the art. There will be prizes, so get your art ready!

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