October 2015 Beeline

PUB’s September 2nd meeting was focused on practical advice from Dewey Caron on how to use this fall season to prepare our hives to overwinter. Additionally, Bill Catherall showed off the delightful video he composed for the OSBA State Fair booth, which put a spotlight on various beekeepers in the area.

Glen Andresen, who Bill Catherall refers to as our “Beekeeper extraordinaire and master gardener” was back this month showing off his new inventive way to clean old diseased frames. He places his frames on his compost pile, where soldier fly larvae who rapidly eat through the wax. Soldier flies are attracted to anything high in organic matter. Glen exclaimed, “bring me your feces, your tired frames!”

PUB would like to thank our friends at Bee Allies. Bee Allies provided us with a swarm hotline. The hotline was a success, with about 100 PUB members responding to over 300 calls.

We’re getting excited for some events coming up this fall and winter:

At our November meeting, we’ll be hosting a Show & Tell where members and guests are encouraged to show off their products and share recipes. We will invite local companies to share what they are doing, and people can bring items to sell.

Get your bee-related art projects ready to show at PUB’s December Photo and Art contest, complete with prizes. We’ll be having a potluck and honey tasting to compliment the art.

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