If you believe that you have a swarm of bees and would like to connect with a beekeeper to remove it please read this first!

Our swarm list is for honey bee swarms only. Honey bees in established nests (in a wall or in the hollow of a tree) should be evaluated by a honey bee removal expert. Consider how accessible the swarm is. How high up is it? Will a person be able to safely reach it with a ladder? You will be asked to include some of this information when you file your report. Additionally, our beekeepers will need permission from the property owner/manager to retrieve the bees.

Please identify the insects before reporting! Often, yellow jackets or bumblebees may be mistaken for honey bees. A simple graphic is provided below to show some of the characteristics for each of the commonly reported insects. Again, our swarm list is only for honey bee swarms.

If you have read all of this information and are ready to report a swarm of honey bees, you may do so here.

*How the reporting system works: You fill out a form on our swarm reporting page. Our automated system will begin texting our beekeepers. Once a beekeeper responds, they will be sent your phone number and address and will likely call you to get more information. Please be available to receive their call or text! This process may take some time. PLEASE DO NOT FILE A SECOND REPORT if you don’t hear back right away*


If you are a current PUB member and would like to sign up for our swarm list, or view your current profile, sign in here. Signing up for the swarm list does not guarantee that you will receive a swarm. Portland Urban Beekeepers does not review and or verify each swarm report that is received.

If you need assistance please email the swarm list admins at swarmlist@portlandurbanbeekeepers.org

Bee & Wasp Identification Guide