Portland Urban Beekeepers would like to thank our generous donors, sponsors, and partners for all that they do for our club, the members, and the local beekeeping community!

The bee ambassadors of Girl Scout Troop 40027 have made a generous donation from the proceeds of their cookie sales to help Portland Urban Beekeepers upgrade equipment at our club apiary.
Swarm Portland has donated one of their beautiful hexagonal planters plus native seeds for us to give as a prizes at one of our member meetings.
Portland Bee Balm supports the local beekeeping community and has pledged generous funding for the upcoming year.
Bee & Bloom supports the local beekeeping community by offering education and workshops. Bee & Bloom co-owners Rebekah Golden and Emma Egstad also hold 2 board positions with Portland Urban Beekeepers.
Waggle Works offers assistance and classes to beekeepers in the Portland area aimed at building beekeeper confidence. Waggle Works founder Mandy Shaw serves as the president of Portland Urban Beekeepers.
  Through a cooperative agreement, Zenger Farms hosts the space for our club apiary and honey harvesting parties.
  Bespoke Bee Supply has donated a gorgeously crafted nuc/swarm box for a prize to give at one of our member meetings.
Bee Built has made a significant donation of screened bottom boards for us to share with our members, as well as mason bee houses, and a beautiful top bar hive for our apiary at Zenger Farms.
  Shining Star Waldorf School has raised $200 to donate to Portland Urban Beekeepers!
  Glen Andresen of Bridgetown Bees enlightens our members each month with his pollen and nectar reports. Glen is also an important pollinator advocate and educator in Portland and beyond.
  Beetanical Apiary supports our club apiary by graciously donating nucs that help to keep our hives stocked.
  The Bee Vlog is home to a collection of videos to give you a beekeeper’s-eye-view into backyard beekeeping, swarm catching, equipment building, honey harvesting, etc. Created by Bill Catherall, past president and current webmaster of Portland Urban Beekeepers.
  Portland Urban Beekeepers is an official branch of Oregon State Beekeepers Association.
  Portland Urban Beekeepers supports the Oregon Master Beekeeping Program and encourages all beekeepers to enroll in the program to become more educated and proficient in their beekeeping practices.