January 2016 Beeline

PUB’s November 4th meeting was held at a different venue, Tabor Space, where we had our annual PUB Showcase event. This is an opportunity for members and guests to show off and even sell their products, equipment, share recipes, collaborate on ideas, and socialize. Beekeeping opens up a whole world of industry and innovation and we like to help support that and get the word out. We had a very good turnout for this event and quite easily filled the Copeland Commons room at Tabor Space. Next year we’re going to have to find a bigger room!

Our December meeting was also held in the same room at Tabor Space, but due to bad weather and an unusual change in date, the attendance wasn’t quite as high. But we had a really fun time at our annual Honey Tasting event. Every year we get together to sample the members’ honeys and nosh on snacks. Attendees get to vote on their favorites and prizes were awarded. This year we added to the event by including a Photo & Art contest where members could show their bee-themed art. We also helped a local soup kitchen, Free Hot Soup, collect some honey donations to be used in their recipes or to be served with tea to help the homeless in Portland.

In February we’ll be holding our Bee School, aimed at helping brand new beekeepers get started. Saturday, February 6th, 10am – 4pm at the Urban Farm Store. Students can register on our website. Please help spread the word to those you mentor!

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