September 2021

I can’t believe we’re heading into Fall – it feels like just yesterday we were amazed and relieved to be finally transitioning to 2021. PUB is excited to be back in its apiary for member work parties, and our manager has great plans for the next few months.  For its August meeting, PUB hosted Dr. Sam Ramsey who gave us an informative and entertaining talk on a new mite which beekeepers need to be aware of: Tropilaelaps mercedesae aka Tropi mite.  This mite has not yet reached the US, but it’s really just a matter of time until it has. First identified in SE Asia, it’s officially now beyond Asia and spreading even faster than Varroa spread. Unfortunately, the mite has a more robust genetic code, they are incredibly fast movers, their feeding causes more damage to larvae than Varroa and they reproduce significantly faster, too.  Are you nervous yet? Thankfully, scientists like Dr. Ramsey are already working to establish treatment options and focusing on education to increase awareness and identification.  

Due to the Delta variant, we’ve decided to hold off on committing to our December in-person honey tasting – hopefully things will settle down in the next few months and we can put it back on the calendar. Til then, we enjoy mingling at the apiary and feel fortunate that events like the Oregon State Fair could happen once again.  

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