Top Bar Hive with Viewing screen (Optional: with Nuc)

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$ 200.00
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These top bar beehives are designed specifically for the backyard beekeeper who is looking for a reliable topbar hive for an economical rate.

The cheapest available hive is $150
A hive with a viewing window is $200
A populated hive (supplied with a TBH nuc) will be +$125 ($275, or $325 with a viewing window)

These hives are 3' long, and 17 1/2" wide, and stand 36" off the ground
Features include:
- full-length plexiglass viewing window, 20 specialty topbars, 2 divider boards, 6 spacers, 2 different entrance options (side or center), Built with 3/4" Pine Plywood, 2 ventilation holes, Removable roof.

Entrance hole location will be drilled dependent on your preferences.

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