2 Top-Bar Hives with Nuc: Les Crowder style

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$ 695.00
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2 Top-Bar Hives designed in Les Crowder style with some improvements for NW
1 Nuc

Top-Bars are interchangeable between all 3 hives

Great set-up for new beekeepers.

Rain covers and insulation
Top bar rack (for hanging a top-bar with honey comb on the outside of the hive while you are working it)
Bee veil
Smoker (brand new)
Queen bee tools & cages
and more

Also Available: 2 Top Bar Beekeeping books for $60:
Top-Bar Hive Beekeeping: by Wyatt Magnum (Amazon for $132)
Top-Bar Beekeeping, by Les Crowder (Amazon for ($25)

Need bees for your hive? Let me know and I can give you a referral for where you can purchase a nuc (nucleolus/baby bee colony) to get you started.

Delivery in Portland Metro for additional fee

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